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X-posted, and for that i appologize!

hi! i am not sure if this is okay, but i SWEAR i'm not usually a community promoter, and i just wanted to include more mommies in this fun...

i've created a community for the holidays called _secret_mommys_, where we're going to play secret santa to other mommies all over the place. so far we're doing it for the kiddies, but it sounds like a lot of the mommies want to do it for the mommies instead, or in conjunction... not sure yet, we're polling on that now.

if you want to join, it's going to be a lot of fun. it's probably going to be a $5-10 gift, but that can go up for discussion as well.

and it's going to be FUN! i want to open it up to other mommies that aren't on my friends list, so that's why i'm posting here and other communities. you don't have to sell your soul to join, just be a mommy who wants some holiday fun.

and it's not christian-centric either. i'm not a christian, a few of my friends are not christian, it's not a christmas thing... it's a holiday thing. so don't be afraid to join just because it's a santa thing.

thanks, hope to see a lot of new faces there! and the opening poll where i ask for addresses and all that information, that's only for my eyes and the eyes of my other friend, saribeth, who is helping me out so i can join the fun too without looking like i chose my own secret santa. that would be silly, wouldn't it?

okay, i'm done! /podium.
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