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a great new clothing line!

Hello Ladies, I'm just writing to tell you about a GREAT new line of maternity clothing that has recently been launched. I was in Sears today, looking for a few things and I stumbled into the maternity section, expecting to see the same old panel jeans, the same (sorry if you love them all) gaudy shirts, but then I saw a giant banner saying "TWO HEARTS" and I got excited. New clothes? I've been looking in Sears for months, and NOW (when I'm almost done) they get new cool stuff? Well, check it out. Plus sized: huge section, and SO CUTE. up to a 3X, and regular sizes too, also CUTE as all hell. They have nursing shirts, tank tops, and bras that are so great looking I could not tell they were for nursing. the bras came up to a size E!! Anyway, most of you should have a nearby Sears, so check out this new affordable and stylish line, I bet you'll find some stuff. I did. (geez - you would think I worked for them, I don't. believe me!) I jsut really wanted to share this!

*cross posted to a few communities. my apologies if I annoyed you by making you see this multiple times*
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