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im so happy i have a live journal account. i mean i would never have known there are so many kewl moms out there... im surrounded by pink gap freaks n bleach blond hair.

its annoying people who are like play him claisical n lulibies.. and then watch him freak out and turn purple n flip em off.. since the day he was born.

my son Tristan is now 7 months old loves LOVES KMFDM (took him to a concert when i was still preg. 8 months.) loves industrial. HATES linkin park.. wich sucks cause i like some of their songs. HATES lords of acid. is on the fence bout manson.

im 25 years old he is my first and last im getting my tubes tied on the 26th of july.

everyone keeps sayin "im too young and i odnt know what i want" or some crap. its really annoying. just cause i act young n have purple hair n wanna get tattos. n stuff.

i dunno anyways im so glad i found all these communities. least now i wont be so alone!

Anybody in Seattle?
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