Kate Baggott (baggyk) wrote in hip_mama,
Kate Baggott

New Here


I am a Canadian writer currently living in Germany where my kids, ages 3 and two months were both born.
I am mostly a technology journalist, but I also write a blog about recovering from birth at http://www.babylune.com

I work from home and get about two hours worth of work done every day...it just takes about six hours to get that amount done. I don't know how other work at home mothers manage to get more done, but I would like to be let in on the secret.

My biggest problem right now is trying to get some style back into my life. I have 15 pounds to lose and it's coming off slowly with breast feeding. The problem is that my closet has clothes from three lifetimes in my closet, but nothing that really seems to fit my life now.

I would just like one really great flexible outfit that I can put on and feel good. Any designers I should check out with clothes that aren't too expensive, but feel good?
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